Our Aim: The preservation of artistic legacy, and sharing knowledge about the Egyptian Arts

Since 2009, the Sphinx festival teachers with a lifelong immersion in the arts, have shared their reserach, experience and knowledge. Workshops explore the traditional arts of Egypt with artists who are acclaimed in their field. Our teachers and artists have a genuine respect for Egyptian culture and share this with participants.

Farida Fahmy, Dr Shaira Mehrez and Mazaher Ensemble (above) have delivered valuable information, and their seminars feature in the Sphinx festival video library. The festival aims at archiving insightful work, and creating a space where teacers, artists and participants can share ideas about the future preservation, and also new progressive direction of arts which reference Egyptian culture and artistry.
  Cultural Seminars by Master Teachers

Egyptian cultural arts, dance, cultural studies and history are explored with specific topics by master teachers. Mahmoud Reda's seminars are available in the video library. The dances and folkloric styles of theatre dance, as well as indigeous dance forms are part of the festival studies.
  Live Egyptian Musical Experiences

Egyptian music, from traditional to classical features at the events, to give the participant a rich immersion into the musical styles and genres. From shamanic Zaar percussion rituals, to Upper Egyptian Saiidi rhythms and folk songs, to classical orchestral compositions, the live music component is an important element of the events.
  Egyptian Dance Workshops and Performance

Egyptian dance from traditional dance, to regional and provncial styles, to folkloric theatre and Raqs Sharqi, are a highlight of the festival. Liza Laziza, Nesrin Bahaa, Farida Fahmy, Essam Said and other talented dance teachers share their knowledge at the event, and many of the workshop highlights and choreographies feature in the video library, from past events.

Performances aim to educate and inspire dancers, with a range of traditional and modern styles performed by some of Egypt's leading professional dancers and troupes. Some styles performed have been: Haggalah, Nubian, Fellahin, Saiidi, Muwashahat, dance with Milayah and a range of bedouin inspired dances. Raqs Sharqi is highlighted in its most elegant form at the festival, with dancing to timeless Egyptian classics.
  Costume, Textiles and Traditions

Egyptian arts and ethnic costumes are presented by researchers and artists, who aim to preserve the traditional arts and educate through their collections and knowledge. From Egyptian history, to seminars on Islamic arts, Sufi traditions and handicrafts from provinces, the festival covers a spectrum of cultural arts.

In previous years, we've enjoyed some lovely photo opportunities, in the natural surrounds of the Red Sea. Our newest videos featurs Egyptian landscape as a beautiful backdrop for the seminars and activities.
  And NOW, Sphinx Festival Videos will be delivered online!

Sphinx Festival is grateful to all our wonderful festival participants, who travelled to Egypt in previous years. Now everyone can enjoy the workshops and share in the Festival's cultural learning experiences, from anywhere in the world.
Sphinx Festival is produced by Keti Sharif. View Keti's website and productions at www.ketisharif.com
Keti also archives Farida Fahmy's work and ebooks, and maintains the website www.faridafahmy.com

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