The Sphinx Festival ELEMENTS, will be available online DEC 2016.
  About Sphinx Festival Online - Elements - Dec, 2016

The 2016 Sphinx Festival features an online cultural arts immersion of Egyptian arts, dance and music - explored through the lens of the Elements of Earth, Fire, Water and Air. Guest artists include Dr Shahira Mehrez, Liza Laziza, and a Reda focus with troupe co-founder Farida Fahmy, current lead dancer Nessrin Bahaa, and choreographer Essam Said plus, Moustafa Saad and some of Cairo's leading muscians. You can pick and choose from workshops, seminars and events online with videos downloaded to your computer! We will be presenting 12 NEW workshops on film, with interactive study notes.

Keti Sharif –Sphinx  Festival Organiser
    EARTH: Ancient Memories, Earth & Stone

ABU SIR - Elements Ceremony for Earth
1. Sun Temple of Ra, exploring an ancient valley temple complex
2. Mazaher Ensemble Sudanese Zaar, shamanic song and percussion
3. Egyptian Instruments - live percussion and music
    AIR: Artistic Journeys: Traditional, Lyrical, Cultural

CAIRO - Elements Ceremony for Air
4. Citadel and Sufi Arts secrets of 'sacred universal geometry'
5. Farida Fahmy 'The Spectrum of Reda Folkloric styles'
6. Shahira Mehrez Ethnic costumes of Egypt by region, from desert to oasis

FIRE: The Flame of Spirited Folkloric Traditions

SINAI OASIS - Elements Ceremony for Fire
7. Nasser Shabeyya Traditional Saiidi dance & drums and folk songs
8. Essam Said Egyptian theatre folkloric choreographies for troupe dancing
9. Bedouin coffee roasted over hot coals, Bedouin healing teas


WATER: The Art of Improvisation: Fluidity and Flow

RED SEA - Elements Ceremony for Water
10. Red Sea Dolphins - Egypt's native marine life and Wild Dolphins
11. Liza Laziza interpretive Oriental dance - emotive, responsive taqsim
12. Nesrin Bahaa Muwashshat techniques, dance with fluidity and flow


Honoring Ceremonies - Earth, Fire, Water, Air

We will be conducting a sacred ceremony to honor each Element and its relationship to music and dance. Each ceremony entails gentle movement or yoga poses, with contemplation and connection to the Elements in a way that resonates and is meaningful to you.
Video clip for Sphinx Festival online
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Workshops, Seminars and Events from Sphinx Festivals 2009, 2010, 2012

Workshops and events from Sphinx Festivals 2009, 2010 and 2012 will be available online,
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